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Simple Semantic Desktop

Simple Semantic Desktop was my honors project in Computer Science. So far, the Simple Semantic Desktop is an application that can automatically categorizes (clustering and classification) documents based on their contents using a combination of linguistic metrics on top of traditional classification and clustering techniques.

Cache Simulation in DLSim

Cache Memory PlugIn in DLSimCache Memory PlugIn in DLSim

In the summer of 2008, I worked under my professors John Donaldson and Rich Salter on their DLSim 3 project. Back in the dark ages, Rich developed DLSim ( as a logic circuit simulator for pedagogical use. The system uses XML to describe circuits, which makes it useful for any application of circuits. (I've heard of people printing hard circuits using DLSim's robust XML output.) My contribution to the project was the development of a Cache Plugin using the API and suggesting new features in the API to create a simple test suite for the original plugin.

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