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DLSim Website

DLSim WebsiteDLSim Website
DLSim is a logic circuit analysis software built for educational use. In the Summer of 2008, I worked as a Research Assistant under its creator Prof. Richard Salter, and made this website for the project.

Cache Simulation in DLSim

Cache Memory PlugIn in DLSimCache Memory PlugIn in DLSim

In the summer of 2008, I worked under my professors John Donaldson and Rich Salter on their DLSim 3 project. Back in the dark ages, Rich developed DLSim ( as a logic circuit simulator for pedagogical use. The system uses XML to describe circuits, which makes it useful for any application of circuits. (I've heard of people printing hard circuits using DLSim's robust XML output.) My contribution to the project was the development of a Cache Plugin using the API and suggesting new features in the API to create a simple test suite for the original plugin.


This project was my workaround for achieving essentially the same effect as sIFR at a time when I didn't know sIFR existed.

MangaWriter is a small JavaScript function combined with images of alphabets (A-Z) made using a font commonly found in Japanese Manga comics. I initially used it for a fancy front page for my website.
This script is useful in a situation where you'd like to use a non-standard font in a webpage without making users download the font (either manually or automatically as an embed). It was my workaround for the inability of Firefox to process embedded fonts.

Akshat and Chris Compiler (ACC)

In 2005 I took the Compilers class offered by Prof. John Donaldson at Oberlin College. I teamed up with partner Chris Fry ('06) on the ACC. It's definitely not the best C compiler around, but it was written completely in Java and compiles code for Sun SparcOS. The source code is available on

Jaipur City Map 1.0

This small utility displays a zoomable map of Jaipur City with an unprecedented (in 2004) level of detail.

Father Edward Oliveira's Website

Father Edward Oliveira is an Educator, an ordained Priest, and a very inspired Musician. I made his website in 2002 when he was the Principal at St. Anselm's Pink City School, Jaipur.

(Minor) Planet-winning Essay

Lincoln Lab Minor Planet Honour Certificate (2002)Lincoln Lab Minor Planet Honour Certificate (2002)

As a participant at the Intel ISEF (International Science and Engineering Fair) 2002, I was told that MIT's Lincoln Lab was looking to award science project at the fair (based on performance and a written essay) by naming a Minor Planet after their respective students. My project was IDMS:Intelligent Document Management System, and my essay is given below.

Sai Baba's Website

With a tiny bit of divine inspiration, I made a website on the saint Sai Baba of Shirdi. It contains the text of the Sai Satcharitra and links to commonly sought media about Sai Baba.

Sayings of Sai Baba

A software utility for Windows 9x/2000/XP that displays a randomly chosen saying of the Sai Baba of Shirdi accompanied by a picture of Shri Sai and an audio clip of respectful greeting to him. An improved version for multiple platforms will be developed soon.

Khamaghani - a portal to Rajasthan

ScreenshotScreenshot was originally planned to be an all-encompassing portal of Rajasthan with some focus on tourism-related information. I was commissioned to work on it by RajCOMP, a consulting agency run by the Rajasthan Government, but the project fell through the cracks. The website currently remains in its pilot stage as it was in 2000, but will soon be seeing a revamp.

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