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Asymmetric Information Agent-Based model

asymmetric_info-screenshot: Asymmetric Info Modelasymmetric_info-screenshot: Asymmetric Info Model
In Spring 2006, I took a class on Agent-Based Computational Economics with Dr. Andreas Pape, avid researcher in the field. This was at a time when I had intentions of completing an Econ major alongside Computer Science at Oberlin, and so I created a model of Asymmetric Information and how it affects a randomized population of used-car buyers and sellers, some of whom are selling 'lemons' and some of whom can pick out a 'lemon' used car if they see one.

Society Magazine Article

Hitting the Page-3

Teens Today Article

Back when I was a teenager, they wrote about me in Teens Today which was a popular magazine among young people then.

SPAN Magazine Article

SPAN magazine is run by the U.S. Embassy Public Affairs section in India as a journal of Indo-US relations. Through the magazine, I also got the chance to meet Mr. Robert Blackwill, US Ambassador at the time, and a very good friend of India.

MTV Faces of the Millennium

My little clip which was played between music videos for a week on MTV in Asia. Philips also gave me my first MP3 player (with 32 MB of space :) ) as a part of the deal. Banner
(under construction) ImprovingIndia will be a portal that uses the collective insights of its readers to provide suggestions for improving India in all spheres of human interaction. The exact details are being worked out.

Sagar Guest Rooms Website

Sagar Guest Rooms WebsiteSagar Guest Rooms WebsiteMy family converted our old place into a Bed and Breakfast, and I was given the task of making its website. has a consistent layout and a simple Online Reservation system written in PHP. The website was a fun exercise in aesthetics and I took the photos myself. I'm most proud of the photo I took for this page: .

DLSim Website

DLSim WebsiteDLSim Website
DLSim is a logic circuit analysis software built for educational use. In the Summer of 2008, I worked as a Research Assistant under its creator Prof. Richard Salter, and made this website for the project.

Cache Simulation in DLSim

Cache Memory PlugIn in DLSimCache Memory PlugIn in DLSim

In the summer of 2008, I worked under my professors John Donaldson and Rich Salter on their DLSim 3 project. Back in the dark ages, Rich developed DLSim ( as a logic circuit simulator for pedagogical use. The system uses XML to describe circuits, which makes it useful for any application of circuits. (I've heard of people printing hard circuits using DLSim's robust XML output.) My contribution to the project was the development of a Cache Plugin using the API and suggesting new features in the API to create a simple test suite for the original plugin.