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Times of India article

On the Times of India cover pageOn the Times of India cover page
Here's a link to an article about me in Times of India: .

Intel Intranet (Circuit@Intel) Article

With the Intel CEOWith the Intel CEO
There was an article about me in Circuit@Intel, Intel's intranet. This was after I had worked with Intel in India in student sessions (one of which featured Intel CEO Craig Barrett) and science fairs (Intel STDF and Intel ISEF). (See attached PDF) Essay

This essay on mentioned me after I got my MCSE at the age of 14:

Agilent Intranet Article

At the Intel ISEF 2002At the Intel ISEF 2002I was selected for a Summer Internship at Agilent Technologies due to my science project at the Intel ISEF 2002. They published an article about the Science Fair which featured an interview with me.

Society Magazine Article

Hitting the Page-3

Teens Today Article

Back when I was a teenager, they wrote about me in Teens Today which was a popular magazine among young people then.

SPAN Magazine Article

SPAN magazine is run by the U.S. Embassy Public Affairs section in India as a journal of Indo-US relations. Through the magazine, I also got the chance to meet Mr. Robert Blackwill, US Ambassador at the time, and a very good friend of India.

MTV Faces of the Millennium

My little clip which was played between music videos for a week on MTV in Asia. Philips also gave me my first MP3 player (with 32 MB of space :) ) as a part of the deal.

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