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Dhammapada Online

A software utility that shows a randomly selected quote from the Dhammapada, an excellent collection of Buddhist wisdom. Current version (1.2) works only in Windows, but a better platform-independent release is due.

Raj Bhawan Website

ScreenshotScreenshot When I earned my MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineering) certification in 1999 at the age of 14, H.H. The Governor of Rajasthan Mr. Anshuman Singh invited me for tea, so as to encourage my efforts in Computer Science. He also commissioned me to create a website for his office, which I did promptly.

Website on Martyr Amit Bharadwaj

I disagree with War as a general rule and truly believe in peace and non-violent protest, but the death of a young soldier from my city during the Kargil War awakened the Indian in me. I wrote a poem about the war, and made this website dedicated to Shaheed (Martyr) Amit Bharadwaj.

St. Anselm's Website

A website I made for my high school. My version is archived here.

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