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Asymmetric Information Agent-Based model

asymmetric_info-screenshot: Asymmetric Info Modelasymmetric_info-screenshot: Asymmetric Info Model
In Spring 2006, I took a class on Agent-Based Computational Economics with Dr. Andreas Pape, avid researcher in the field. This was at a time when I had intentions of completing an Econ major alongside Computer Science at Oberlin, and so I created a model of Asymmetric Information and how it affects a randomized population of used-car buyers and sellers, some of whom are selling 'lemons' and some of whom can pick out a 'lemon' used car if they see one.

DLSim Website

DLSim WebsiteDLSim Website
DLSim is a logic circuit analysis software built for educational use. In the Summer of 2008, I worked as a Research Assistant under its creator Prof. Richard Salter, and made this website for the project.

Akshat and Chris Compiler (ACC)

In 2005 I took the Compilers class offered by Prof. John Donaldson at Oberlin College. I teamed up with partner Chris Fry ('06) on the ACC. It's definitely not the best C compiler around, but it was written completely in Java and compiles code for Sun SparcOS. The source code is available on

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