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Oberlin Confessional

The Confessionals (starting from the Oberlin Confessional) is a set of open message boards that are strictly accessible only in their respective communities. Due to the open yet closed nature of these Confessionals, they are an excellent means of quick, frivolous and community filtered discussions within a community. (see

Current URL QR Code Display

Screenshot: Current URL QR Code ModuleScreenshot: Current URL QR Code Module

A simple Drupal module that displays a QR Code for the current URL in a drupal site.
Clicking on the displayed QR code zooms it to the full screen using Lightbox2.

Sagar Guest Rooms Website

Sagar Guest Rooms WebsiteSagar Guest Rooms WebsiteMy family converted our old place into a Bed and Breakfast, and I was given the task of making its website. has a consistent layout and a simple Online Reservation system written in PHP. The website was a fun exercise in aesthetics and I took the photos myself. I'm most proud of the photo I took for this page: .

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