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MeMeHi, my name is Akshat Singhal, and I belong to Jaipur and Oberlin, OH. I was born, went to St. Anselm's Pink City School for 14 years (kindergarten to senior year of high school), played around, and then went to Oberlin College for my Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science (with honors) and Applied Mathematics.
I've been playing with computers since 1993 when I first started programming in Logo and BASIC on a shared 386 XT at an accounting firm. In 1997, I got my first computer and started dabbling with Computer Hardware, the C and Java languages, and HTML. I made my first website around that time. Ever since then, I've learnt how programs are made (programmed and compiled to machine code) and run (Assembly, Microcode, Instruction-Level Parallelism, things to make out of gates, things to make out of transistors). Suffices to say, if we went back to stone age and I had 300 years to live, I could make us a fairly functional Internet starting from nothing but the lithosphere. My resume can be seen here.

I've lived most of my life in Western India and Eastern America. I love and greatly appreciate Music, Photography, Movies and Video Games but am fairly unskilled in creating them. I seek adventure and new experiences, and am not terribly afraid of pain (that's why I majored in Math). I can go on for ages talking about religion, politics, love, art and philosophy, mostly from personal experience than research. I also have an intense desire to 'Change the World' and inspire humanity. I fear Economics and all the damage it can cause and believe in distribution of wealth commensurate with effort, both mental and physical. Communists will call me a Greedy Capitalist and Capitalists will rob me and call me a Socialist. I believe in multiple religions to varying degrees (Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism, Confucianism) but also believe that they've all got it wrong. I'd rather not form my own religion for fear that it will not alienate enough people to be called a religion. I love my middle ground. I also enjoy the process of cooking and can sometimes cook barely edible food.