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MeMeHi, my name is Akshat Singhal, and I belong to Jaipur and Oberlin. I went to St. Anselm's Pink City School from kindergarten to senior year), played around, and then went to Oberlin College for my CS degree.
I've been playing with computers since 1993 when I first started programming in Logo and BASIC on a shared 386 XT at an accounting data entry office that was also moonlighting as a training center. In 1997, I got my first computer and started dabbling with Computer Hardware, the C, Java and ASP languages, and HTML. I made my first website around that time. Since then, I’ve done a bunch of CS-related stuff.
I've lived most of my life in Rajasthan, and some in the US. I love and greatly appreciate Music, Movies, Photography, Art, Politics, Religion and Video Games. I seek adventure and new experiences, and am always up for a challenge.
I also have an intense desire to change the world and hopefully see some human progress(if there is such a thing) made in my time. I think everyone alive who can afford a car/cow has a duty to help the millions who die of hunger and lack of healthcare. Those below the poverty line (the actual poverty line, not the readjusted cooked number the government publishes) are in serious life or death crises right now and need our help. Roughly one in every 4 people is living without the bare necessities ( *). That’s just unacceptable.