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Intelligent Document Management System (IDMS)

IDMS was my entry to the Intel ISEF (International Science and Engineering Fair) 2002. The idea behind the software is to create a filing system akin to manual filing models but with added features to enhance the quality of information management on the personal desktop. What follows below is the Abstract description of the project.

A. Problem
The idea behind the Intelligent Document Management System (IDMS) software is to improve efficiency and prevent loss of information in a small-office environment by organizing documents in standard word processing software for easy accessibility and better storage, as an effective tool for personal data warehousing and personal data mining.

B. Hypothesis/Engineering Goals:
To make a software program which works as a better storage system for documents, and allows for features like full-text search within documents, strong encryption, document backups, and previews, in an easy interface.

• The software maintains a storage base of all documents, and stores all documents in a common divided location. Every document has a special document ID assigned to it, and all documents are divided into different Projects (i.e., folders) to make reference easier. Document Versions are maintained to track the number of edits of a document, and the total time taken to edit documents.
• The Search feature allows searching within documents based on specific criteria or searching for specific text within all documents.
• The documents can be previewed and sorted in the IDMS window before opening.
• Infrequently used documents can be put into an Archive for later reference and saving disk space while at the same time not affecting functionality.
• The software also allows for quick Backups of documents.
• The software has a feature called the ‘Procrastinate Pad’, which allows the user to enter deadlines for all the documents she/he has to work on, and then shoots periodic reminders to the user until the document is worked on.
• The software also has an Animated character that speaks in human voice and guides the user through the process.
• The software uses a strong Encryption algorithm and a unique password and key pair strategy for securing documents.
• The software can be integrated with MS Office document imaging for storing scanned documents.
• IDMS allows printing multiple documents at the same time.

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