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This project was my workaround for achieving essentially the same effect as sIFR at a time when I didn't know sIFR existed.

MangaWriter is a small JavaScript function combined with images of alphabets (A-Z) made using a font commonly found in Japanese Manga comics. I initially used it for a fancy front page for my website.
This script is useful in a situation where you'd like to use a non-standard font in a webpage without making users download the font (either manually or automatically as an embed). It was my workaround for the inability of Firefox to process embedded fonts.

There are two different versions of the javascript function mangaWrite() : one for normal text and one for links. The font images were created by slicing them in Adobe/Macromedia Fireworks. The original PSD files for the slicing are also included.

Extract the code folder in the attached ZIP file to the same directory as your HTML file. This creates a folder called js which contains the script (mangawriter.js), and mangalinkfontimages and mangafontimages which contain the letter images for links and normal text respectively.
Now, Insert this code in the HEAD section of your HTML file:

  1. <script language="JavaScript" src="js/mangawriter.js">

Wherever in your HTML you wish to include the styled text, insert this block of code, with your text put in place of "Sample Text 1" , "Sample Text 2", and "Sample link text 1":

  1. <script language="JavaScript" src="js/mangawriter.js" >
  2. writeManga("Sample Text 1");
  3. document.write("<br>");
  4. writeMangaLink("Sample Link Text 1","samplelink1.html");
  5. document.write("<br>");
  6. writeManga("Sample Text 2");

To see a demo of this script in action, please see this page .

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