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Website on Martyr Amit Bharadwaj

I disagree with War as a general rule and truly believe in peace and non-violent protest, but the death of a young soldier from my city during the Kargil War awakened the Indian in me. I wrote a poem about the war, and made this website dedicated to Shaheed (Martyr) Amit Bharadwaj.

The poem I wrote is given here. Do note that this was written years ago when my English was much worse, and should be noted for its motivation and not for the writing style.

Dedicated to Martyr Amit Bharadwaj

“ What is the meaning of Sacrifice?
It takes paying a high price
Sacrifice in reality
Made the Indian Nation free
Ideals of Sacrifice are the Kargil Martyrs
Who left forever, their families in tears
No love of Life, no fear of Death
But fought bravely to their last breath
With one desire, and a heart of steel
They fought for us in the battlefield
So the poem concludes with hearty blues
Pray for our Martyrs,
Pray for their souls
And work together for our Nation’s goals”

By Akshat Singhal